Preschool Outline & Cost

Birds and Bees Basics for Parents Outline and Cost

A 90 minute workshop for parents of Preschoolers and those who work with children.

  • Reasons why we need to talk to children about sexual health at a young age
  • Five stages of sexual development children progress through on their way to becoming sexually mature adults
  • What children should know at each stage, with specific examples of ways to explain body parts and processes
  • How to provide information to children in a way they will understand and remember (and minimize embarrassment for the parent!)
  • How to effectively answer the questions children ask
  • How to prevent and recognize child sexual abuse

Time for open discussion and questions will be included in each session, and a display of books and other resources that may be useful will be available. COST: $350 + gst   Travel fee may apply

Birds and Bees Basics Children’s Mini-session

A 30 minute mini-session for preschool children can also be arranged to take place after the parent workshop. In this workshop, preschoolers will learn:

  • Scientific words related to sexual health
  • That reproduction usually happens when a man’s sperm joins a woman’s ovum by sexual intercourse
  • That the baby grows in the uterus
  • That the baby is usually born through the vagina
  • Not to pick up condoms or needles
  • That they have ownership of their bodies

COST: $150 + gst   Travel fee may apply
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