Preschool Program

Birds and Bees Basics for Parents

For parents and those working with children. Mini-session also for children

Parenthood never arrives with a rule book, and when it comes to explaining the world of sexual health to your Preschool age child, it can be hard not to end up a bright shade of red. That’s exactly why Saleema Noon and her team of sex educators offer this early education course specifically for parents of Preschoolers.

This foundation-setting session will show parents how to overcome embarrassment when talking to young children about sexual health, with words and concepts that are easy to use. The content covered will guide parents in how to educate children as they discover their bodies and feelings, and will communicate how to effectively answer the questions they are sure to ask. Using humor and straight talk in an open, interactive environment, we’ll show you how easy it is to convey healthy, meaningful messages about sexual health. A further session is also available to give preschoolers the absolute basics about sex, their bodies and reproduction.


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