High School Program

The Truth About All Things Teenage


Studies show that a positive and knowing attitude toward sexuality is a powerful contributor to the development of well-adjusted and healthy young adults. The same studies indicate that, believe it or not, teens want to learn about sexual health from their parents! But, for many parents, this is a daunting task. Too many adolescents are left to find out on their own to find out what sex is all about; from their friends at school, from T.V. or, worst of all, through experimentation. A lack of straight talk about sexual health leaves teens at risk for unplanned pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections, and sexual exploitation.

You’ll learn practical tips to answer the questions your teen may ask, as well as become familiar with community resources available. Using humor and straight talk in an open, interactive environment, Saleema and her team show how easy it is to convey healthy, meaningful messages about sex and growing up to your teenager.

COST: $350 + gst 6:30pm-8:00pm
(Held prior to student workshops) Travel fee may apply.


Grades 8-10 topics include:

  • The proper use of contraceptive devices, and their effectiveness
  • Availability of community sexual health resources
  • An understanding of healthy vs. unhealthy relationships
  • An understanding of their personal sexuality-related values and boundaries
  • Peer Pressure and sexual activity
  • Effective relationship and communication skills
  • Effective refusal and assertiveness skills
  • Confidence when going to a doctor, importance of taking responsibility for one’s health

Grades 11 and 12 topics are based on specific requests and needs of the school booking the workshop.

COST: $250 + gst per 75 minute workshop (Additional charge for assembly format), $550 + gst for full day (Includes three 75 minute workshops). Travel fee may apply.

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