High School Program

The Truth About All Things Teenage

Let’s face it. As a parent, we remember what our teen years were like, and it’s amazing we all made it through intact. But now, times have changed, and pressures on preteens and teens are more complicated than ever in the area of sexual health.

Using a combination of parental and child education, we create a knowledge foundation and openness in regards to sexual health that will enable clear communication between parents and their kids as they grow together.

In a way that is non-threatening and entertaining, we’ll show you how to communicate openly with your adolescent as he or she becomes aware of his or her own sexuality. Parents will gain an understanding of important issues and community resources to help them become a trusted source of knowledge, and students will gain a broad spectrum of information about modern day sex, and how they can live positive, safe, and healthy lives.

A workshop for parents will run first, with student sessions following.

Live questions will be accepted throughout, and further anonymous questions will be collected to answer at the end.