Growing Up Game Plan

Classroom Edition

Help a child behave respectfully and safely online



We just started the model and so far, so good. The students are starting to get a little braver to shed some of their thoughts… which is good.

From my perspective, your ideas, and videos around gender expressions have been great because I feel your explanations are much clearer than I could’ve explained them. The glossary is very good because they can read out the definitions and when we have discussions, we can refer to them.

GUGP Teacher

I like the Internet Safety section especially because it’s up my alley. I do think people my age will find this one fun and enjoyable. It is well done, it teaches kids that posting something embarrassing or mean to someone else isn’t very nice and that’s a good skill to learn later on.

GUGP Participant

I think your morning news was really educational and my friends would really like it too. My favourite thing was the name of the news P.U.B.E TV and the idea of it was really hilarious. I think you make it so funny which makes it better for kids or it would be so awkward. I really hope my friends get to watch Growing Up Game Plan. Thank you Saleema!

GUGP Participant

The facilitators are funny and really engaging and non-judgmental. They are not preachy. I love the self-disclosure elements – sharing pictures of themselves as preteens and talking about their own embarrassing experiences or about being bullied etc.

GUGP Parent

Right from the first video, [my kids] realized it wasn’t like other online courses. The videos were very engaging and age-appropriate. I appreciated how you spoke to them directly about difficult subjects but still made the content appropriate for their age groups.

GUGP Parent