Growing Up Game Plan

Classroom Edition

Help a child behave respectfully and safely online



Is this program similar to Saleema’s Body Science workshops? No. Whereas our Body Science workshops provide comprehensive sexual health education, GUGP is an empowerment program that tackles broader issues like social and emotional development, healthy relationships, coping with puberty changes, being assertive and staying safe online.

What’s included in the program? Everything teachers need to facilitate GUGP: Classroom Edition is included on our learning platform: videos, curricular competencies, lesson plans, icebreakers, worksheets, warm up and follow up discussion questions and activities, resources and more.

Is this a district or provincial program? Who created it? No. GUGP was created by renowned empowerment educator Saleema Noon and two educators on her team, Dr. Brandy Wiebe and Julie Prodor. Go to to learn about the workshops they’ve been providing to BC students for over 20 years.

Does this program meet curriculum requirements? Yes. The program is designed to address social and emotional learning curriculum content for grades 4-7 in BC. It also goes beyond curriculum to support your students in critical areas of their life.

Which grades does the program target? The program was designed with grades 4-5 students in mind, but it’s just as valuable for grade 3 and 6 students. That is, if teachers have grade 3/4 or grade 5/6 split classes all of their students can benefit.

Can this program be used with online/distance learners? Yes. At home learners can participate in the program by watching the videos at home and joining their class virtually for discussions and activities.

Can I share login information with my colleagues or friends? Not without our permission. Unique login information is given to emails submitted for access to the program. Using this same login information with email addresses not submitted for access may result in all users of this login information being locked out of the program.

How long does it take to complete the program? The program consists of 6 modules that will take approximately 45-75 minutes to complete (depending on how many of the optional activities you engage in with your students). The hope is that classes will complete one module per week over a 6 week period.

Will parents be involved? This version of GUGP is for classroom use only but resources will be provided to parents upon request.

Is there a discount for school districts? Yes, please email us at for more information.

How long do I have access for? The program takes about 6 weeks to complete if teachers are doing one module a week with their students. But we know stuff gets in the way so you’ll have access for the whole term (4 months).