Elementary Program


PART I: PARENTS’ SESSION (90 minutes, 6:30pm-8:00pm)

  • Reasons why we need to talk to children about sexual health at a young age
  • 5 stages of sexual development children progress through on their way to becoming sexually mature adults
  • What children should know at each stage, with specific examples of ways to explain body parts and processes
  • How to provide information to children in a way they will understand and remember (and minimize embarrassment for the parent!)
  • How to effectively answer the questions children ask
  • How to reduce risk of child sexual abuse
  • What will be covered in Body Science sessions for students

Time for open discussion and questions will be included, and we will bring a display of books and other resources. Parent session can also be held in the morning, just after student drop-off.


Sessions spread over the course of two days allows for smaller group sizes, increasing the comfort level of students and providing a more intimate learning environment.

Kindergarten and Grade 1 sessions (30 minutes)
  • Scientific words related to sexual health
  • That reproduction happens when a sperm joins an egg, usually (but not always) through sexual intercourse. There are many different ways that families are formed, all families are unique.
  • That they have ownership of their bodies
  • That the baby grows in the uterus (not the stomach)
  • That the baby is usually born through the vagina
  • Not to pick up condoms or needles
Grades 2 and 3 sessions (40 minutes)

Everything previous grades have learned plus:

  • The basics about menstruation and nocturnal emissions (wet dreams) as clean and healthy processes
Grades 4 and 5 sessions (60 minutes)

Everything previous grades have learned plus:

  • All about physical and emotional changes at puberty
  • The responsibilities that come with the decision to be in a sexual relationship
  • Basic information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
Grades 6 and 7 sessions (75 minutes)

Everything the previous age group has learned plus:

  • Sexual consent
  • Making smart decisions on the internet
  • Different types of sexual activity and the responsibilities that come with each
  • Understanding personal sexuality-related values, beliefs and boundaries
  • Recognizing that most teens are not sexually active
  • Further discussion of STIs and prevention
  • Gender stereotypes, homophobia and transphobia
  • The importance of taking responsibility of one’s health (ie. testicular self-examinations)
  • Anonymous questions
Recommended Two Day Schedule*:

(Repeat on each day)

K and/or Gr. 1: 9:00am-9:30am (30 mins.)
Gr. 2 and/or Gr. 3: 9:35am-10:15am (40 mins.)
– recess –
Gr. 6 and/or Gr. 7: 10:45am-12:00pm (75 mins.)
– lunch –
Gr. 4 and/or Gr. 5: 1:00pm-2:00pm (60 mins.)

COST: $1450 + gst ($350 plus gst for parent session, $550 plus gst per day in school with students). Additional days or sessions may be required at schools with more than 400 students.

*Grade 4s and 5s can be addressed in separate sessions at elementary schools where grade 6s and 7s are not present.

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