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Saleema Noon’s Body Science ® curriculum is a proprietary methodology developed by sexual health expert, Saleema Noon. The education starts early with age-appropriate information that empowers kids to make smart decisions about their sexual health as they grow up. The result is safe, happy, healthy kids supported by their parents through open, honest, meaningful conversations about important topics. Saleema’s passion is education and her purpose is to foster healthy sexuality and sexual maturity in every family.

What to Expect

The resource, offered on an online platform, includes:
✓ professionally filmed and animated videos
✓ downloadable/printable resources for parents and student activities
✓ written summaries of each video module in both English and Mandarin
✓ ongoing support from Saleema and her team of educators is provided if requested

The Curriculum

Parents Workshop (4 videos, total 26 minutes)
✓ three good reasons to teach sexual health at a young age
✓ tips for fostering meaningful conversations with kids
✓ the goal: creating a sexually mature society
Plus, answers to most common questions.

Preschool- Grade 1 Workshop (6 videos, to 26 minutes)
✓ review of three private parts of the body: mouth, breasts, and genitals
✓ basics of consent
✓ scientific words related to anatomy and reproduction
✓ that all bodies are unique, all families are unique
✓ that reproduction happens when a sperm joins an egg, usually (but not always) through sexual intercourse
✓ that the baby grows in the uterus
✓ that the baby is born through the vagina or by cesarean birth
✓ safety message: don’t pick up condoms or needles
Plus, answers to most common questions.

Grades 2-3 Workshop (7 videos, total 34 minutes)
Everything previous grades have learned and:
✓ The basics about periods and wet dreams as healthy puberty changes.
Plus, answers to most common questions.

Grades 4-5 Workshop (7 videos, total 64 minutes)
Everything previous grades have learned and:
✓ more about gender identity and the language we use to express it
✓ the responsibilities that come with the decision to be in a sexual relationship
✓ basic information about sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
✓ how to respond to homophobic and transphobic language, jokes, and attitudes
✓ all about physical and emotional changes at puberty
✓ basic assertiveness skills
✓ how to think critically about online sexual content
Plus, answers to most common questions.

Grades 6-7 Workshop (10 videos, total 70 minutes)
Everything the previous age group has learned plus:
✓ smart decision making regarding social media, including discussion of cyber-bullying, sexting, and selfies, how to think critically about pornography
✓ more about sexual consent in the context of relationships
✓ how to think critically about gender stereotypes
✓ characteristics of a healthy relationship
✓ emotional factors to consider when exploring readiness for a sexual relationship
✓ different types of sexual activity and possible physical outcomes: STIs (myths, transmission, prevention, testing and treatment) and pregnancy
✓ that most teens are not sexually active
✓ the importance of taking responsibility of one’s health (for example, testicular self-examinations)
✓ where to go for confidential support.
Plus, answers to most common questions.

View a demo video here.