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Great job! I’m the dad of a 10 yr. old going on 17 😉
I wanted to strongly recommend your programs to all parents of kids of any age. You and your programs are really making the world a better place, one compassionate and better-educated person at a time. I wish your programs were around when I was growing up. I will be asking our PAC to bring you back every year to continue to teach our kids.

Parent, British Columbia, Canada

The videos were so great. I was reminded about the way you’re able to deliver that sensitive material with warmth and frankness; it’s absolutely perfect. You’ve got a real gift. And your new direction providing tools that parents can use is really lovely.

Social Worker, British Columbia, Canada

I cannot recommend this HIGHLY enough! Saleema Noon is a Superhero who has brought her education online. In a relaxed, fun, matter-of-fact way, she gives the most comprehensive overview of body science and sexual health in online classes for children at all ages, and importantly for PARENTS. I promise you, when you listen to the Parent Lesson, you will wish you did this years ago. But it’s never too late.

Parent, Washington, USA

By the way, your workshops are awesome. I asked my class what they thought…and they said you are an awesome speaker and so nice! They say you are very clear and make it easy for them to understand. 

Grade 6 Teacher, British Columbia, Canada

I think the biggest thing for our girls…was that it helped to normalize all aspects of puberty…It was like a sense of relief that everyone goes through these changes and that’s all it is. And it was a learning experience for me too as I didn’t think puberty started at age 8! Thanks again. I’m sure you hear this all the time, but I wish I had been given access to this kind of education when I was a child!

Parent, British Columbia, Canada

Omg you are fabulous!
I am obsessed with your delivery method!  Cool, calm… real!
Thank you so much for this
I am going to push for these workshops for our teachers, especially those who are not comfortable

School District Administrator, Quebec




Help a child feel confident in their ability to deal with life’s challenges.