Body Science

At School

Help a child behave respectfully and safely online




What exactly does our school/district get access to?

You will get access to the entire platform which includes workshops for kids in Preschool-Grade 7 and their parents as well as activities and resources. Click here to see the full curriculum and sample videos. 

Do our teachers need to download an app/software?

No. They’ll just need access to the internet to log in to our learning platform.

How long will Body Science Online be available to us?

For as long as you want! Most schools start with 30 days. Most districts start with one term. Access may be renewed or extended if needed.  

Can all our teachers access this program, or will they need separate accounts?

Using a simple sign up process, each teacher in your district will receive unique login instructions by email.



Help a child feel confident in their ability to deal with life’s challenges.