Empowerment Websites for Girls

(Notes from interview with Saleema Noon on BCTV Global Noon News, September 2003)

In recent years, we have seen numerous empowerment websites for girls, often referred to as “girl power” websites. Today I’d like to do a quick review of three of them that I have come across lately. Don’t worry, in my next segment (Sept. 22) I will give parents some good ideas for websites geared at boys!


This website features articles on a wide range of topics related to girls. For example, the Bodywise section addresses nutrition, fitness and eating disorders. The BodyFX section deals with the effects of alcohol, tobacco and drugs on the body. There’s also a Science and Technology section. It includes an extensive list of resources for girls (and even some for boys!) and a funky activity book and assignment book can be downloaded for free!


This website offers separate content for younger and older teens, and is divided into three sections: Mind and Body, Relationships and Puberty and Periods. Sample articles include “Getting Thru Puberty”, “Odd Relationship Facts”, and “To Shave or not to Shave”. There is also an advice column (Ask Iris), contests and research reports.

Like I mentioned earlier, these are just three of a number of fantastic websites for girls. Here are some others parents might like to check out with their daughters: