Empowerment Websites for Boys

(Notes from interview with Saleema Noon on BCTV Global Noon News, September 2003)

Well, my fear was confirmed. Soon after I started my search for boys’ empowerment web sites I realized that I was going to have my work cut out for me. I was hoping that I would be pleasantly surprised by the resources available for boys and parents of boys, but most web sites are geared at girls. Here are the few I came across, and I would love to hear from viewers if they know of any I have missed.


Created by Boy Scouts of America, this website is the one true empowerment one I could find. The “Workshops” section gives instructions for boys to make things. The website also includes articles on subjects such as sports, animals, and peer and family relationships. The “stories of success” and “scouts in action” sections feature inspiring stories of pre-teen boys who have accomplished great things in their lives.


Based on Discovery channel and Discovery Kids magazine. Features lots or interesting, educational articles on science and nature, sports and life at school.


Although this is an inter net directory for kids rather than an empowerment one, thought it was worth mentioning. Features a book club, games, homework help, articles on sports and recreation and more.

Here are a few web sites out of Australia parents may want to have their sons check out: