How to Talk the Talk: What Words Really Mean


(The Vancouver Sun, May 28, 2001)

If you think that "macking" means to work on a specific type of computer, read on—this column is dedicated to you. As you know, every generation has their own lingo (sorry, "Gag me with a spoon!" stopped being cool in the early ‘80s! In fact, the word "cool" stopped being cool around that time too!). So parents, if you want to have any idea what your teens are talking about, cut this dictionary of terms out and post it on your fridge!

  1. Dis (dis) v. — to disrespect, insult or put down. Quit dissin’ me!
  2. Ride (ride) n. —a car. Nice ride!
  3. Money (monee) adj. —formerly known as "cool" or "awesome". A good thing. You’re so money!
  4. Phat (fat) adj.—see "Money". Do not feel offended if you have been called phat, it’s actually a huge compliment. That’s a phat ride!
  5. Dope (dope)—see "money" and "phat". That Limp Bizkit concert was soooo dope!
  6. Mac (mack) v. —to flirt, hit on someone. She was mackin’ on him at the party last night.
  7. Sell Out (sell out) v. —to stand someone up. Not to be confused with ticket sales. He totally sold me out last weekend!
  8. Hottie (hottie) n. —good looking, sexy male or female. Stan’s girlfriend is a hottie!
  9. Scrub (skrubb) n. —unattractive, unhygenic, lazy male. Don’t want no scrub!
  10. Pigeon (pijon) n. —a female scrub, not to be confused with our two-winged friend. Definitely an insult. Don’t want no pigeon!
  11. Ho (hoe) n. —a promiscuous female, sometimes referred to as "skank", neither a shortened form of a holiday greeting or garden tool. That Anneka is a real skanky ho!
  12. Bites (bytes) v. —formerly known as "sucks". Not a good thing. Homework bites.
  13. Player (player) n. —a promiscuous male who "get" lots of girls. John is a real player.
  14. Play (play) n. —sexual activity. He gets a lot of play.
  15. Peeps (peeps) n. —short for people, used in reference to friends, not to be confused with the sounds made by small birds. I’m hangin’ with my peeps at the mall.