iGuy Empowerment Workshops

We really appreciated your leadership at our recent Grade 4 iGuy session. The information presented was extremely relevant and you captured the interest of an extremely lively group of boys right at the start of the session with the ice-breaker activity. You managed to cover a great deal of information in a short amount of time and you handled all of the boys’ questions in a calm, cool and collected manner, no matter how challenging the topic! The boys were thoroughly engaged in the time spent challenging stereotypes as well as the role playing activity, and it appeared that they left the session empowered with information and strategies to guide them into making smart decisions in the future. It was obvious the boys connected with you even in the short amount you spent with them! Thank you!

Principal, Delta

[My son] said it was fun and good. He talked about learning to throw away the monsters – the unhelpful voices we all get that pull us down and discourage us. He then used his iGuy to beat back the monsters at soccer!


Yay for positive thinking – such an important lesson for our boys.


[My son] said it was a lot of fun and way better than he expected.


I just wanted to say that I was so impressed with the iGirl/iGuy facilitators today. I sat in on half of a session of iGirl and iGuy and it was fantastic. Ryan and Anna were so engaged and the concepts and discussions were all very meaningful and positive for the students’ development and well-being. I’m happy the PAC funded this and I would be happy to help apply for grants to have it come to the school in future years.

PAC Representative