Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation

2019 Annual Report

Hello beautiful supporters!

As another exciting and productive school year comes to a close, I want to give you an update on the many ways that your generous donations have helped us help kids and parents since launching the Foundation. Despite teaching in schools for 20 years now, I underestimated the feeling of pride and fulfillment I would feel to be able to help provide such valuable experiences for kids who need and deserve it most. I have huge gratitude not only to you but also to my extraordinary team of educators who have been just as committed to this endeavour as I have. They’ve brought their skill, professionalism, compassion, sense of humour and warm smiles to each school and have been enthusiastic abassadors of our Foundation in every community they visit. Thank you!
Saleema xo

At Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation, our mission is to give every child in British Columbia access to empowerment education regardless of their financial and life circumstances.

We envision a world where kids:

  • Feel confident in their ability to deal with life’s challenges
  • Resist the pressures of gender stereotypes and instead feel comfortable to be themselves
  • Listen to their own hearts and ask for support when needed
  • Are honest and vulnerable with trusted peers
  • Are able to feel their emotions and learn from them
  • Behave respectfully and safely online
  • Use the internet to spread positive messages based on their own values
  • Know how to be a good friend
  • Choose friends that treat them with respect
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • View others with empathy
  • Are open-minded and curious
  • Know their values and align their actions with them

Thanks to the generosity of over 200 supporters, we’re well on our way to make this vision a reality. At a glance, here’s what we’ve been able to accomplish in just over a year since Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation was launched:

Number of schools funded: 14

Programs delivered:

Body Science for parents and students in grades K-7: 11
Body Science for parents and students in grades K-5: 1
iGirl and iGuy for students in grades 4-7: 2
iKid for students in grades K-3: 1

Districts reached:

North Vancouver

We also funded:

8 deserving girls to participate in iGirl community workshops, equalling 80 hours of fun and empowerment.

That’s an estimated 4650 students and their parents that we’ve reached thanks to our generous donors!

A Message From our Board of Directors

Thank you to our board members, Michelle Rupp, Patricia Gorman and Chris Erickson, for their guidance and insight over the past year. Here are some of their reflections:

The SNEF provides an opportunity for many of our more financially challenged schools to participate in an important program. Sexual health education should be available to all students in BC and thanks to to the work of Saleema and her team through the Foundation, we hope to make this a reality one day soon.

In my view, Saleema and her team have done a terrific job in this inaugural year, putting their focus on the school selection process and the delivery of quality programming. It’s been a vital step towards the achievement of the Foundation’s goals. 

Financial Snapshot
Total Income: $28,371
Total Expenses: $24,745.67

Here’s what kids said about our workshops:

Here’s what teachers and principals said about our workshops:

You ROCK!!!

Thank you for thinking of us when it came to the free workshop. We are so grateful. The Body Science presentation was awesome The whole community (parents, students and staff) really enjoyed it. Claire was great. Her way with the students was excellent. 
        Principal, Delta

Your talks helped our parents gain a deeper understanding of the conversations they need to have to help prepare their children. The student presentations were also fabulous as usual. 
        Principal, Vancouver

Claire was just at our school last week! She did an exceptional job with my grade 7s! They were respectful, focussed and felt safe asking questions in an open format. She did an amazing job! The content was perfect and empowering for my kids – I loved it! Thank you, Claire!!!
        Teacher, Delta

The kids loved the workshops ….. “Can they come back again?!?” Was what I heard as I left the building!! Thank you so much!!!!!
        Principal, Vancouver

Please send a HUGE thank you to Anna, Ryan and Julie. Every child I spoke with said they loved the program and learned “lots of good things”…Thank you again on behalf of the staff, the kids and our school community. We are so glad you were able to come. 
       Principal, North Vancouver

Looking Ahead

After a quick break to recharge over the summer, we will back at it in the fall exploring our next steps. Saleema will be consulting with the professionals who helped to launch the Foundation to share ideas around our next fundraising campaign. At the same time we would like to explore partnership opportunities with other not-for-profit organizations as well as potential corporate sponsors. In terms of our work in schools, the goal is to expand our reach to districts and schools we haven’t already had the opportunity to visit. We’ll keep you posted and appreciate your ongoing support!