Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation

Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators is home to trusted sexual health and empowerment educators with more than 20 years experience in British Columbia.

Taking our passion for education, empowerment, and community investment one step further, Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation exists so that every child in British Columbia can have access to empowerment education, regardless of their financial and life circumstances.

“This workshop is fantastic!  A perfect way to foster values and kindness in the classroom.” – Teacher, North Vancouver, BC“That was fun! Can we do it again tomorrow?” – iKid Participant, Burnaby BC

“Love your mission Saleema Noon! I grew up with conversations like this and emphasis on feelings, consent and pleasure. My only hope is I can recreate those conversations with my boys. Thank you for doing what you are doing.” – Parent, West Vancouver, BC

Saleema Noon and her team of educators provided programs for over 200 schools and community groups in 2017. With your help, Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation can support even more kids and families in British Columbia this year – kids and families that have never been reachable until now.
Average Cost for Programs & Workshops 

  • $400 – provides parents with a 90 minute workshop
  • $400 – provides 30 students with a 2 hour workshop
  • $600 – provides 60 students with a 2 hour workshop
  • $1,500 – provides a school with a parent workshop and TWO full days of body science workshops for all students



For a detailed overview of program and workshops, please click here


Personal note from Saleema:

For the past 20 years, I and my amazing team of sexual health and empowerment educators have been making  a difference in kids’ lives by giving them the information and the skills they need to navigate their teen years. And in doing so, make smart decisions and live their truth. I created Saleema Noon Empowerment Foundation so that we can support kids and families we’ve never been able to reach before because of life or financial circumstances.

Please Join us and help make our programs accessible and affordable to all kids and families in British Columbia.

We envision a world where kids…

  • Feel confident in their ability to deal with life’s challenges
  • Resist the pressures of gender stereotypes and instead feel comfortable to be themselves
  • Listen to their own hearts and ask for support when needed
  • Are honest and vulnerable with trusted peers
  • Are able to feel their emotions and learn from them
  • Behave respectfully and safely online
  • Use the internet to spread positive messages based on their own values
  • Know how to be a good friend
  • Choose friends that treat them with respect
  • Make mistakes and learn from them
  • View others with empathy
  • Are open-minded and curious
  • Know their values and align their actions with them