Body Science Online


How much does it cost? $47 for a limited time only.

What exactly do I get access to? You will get access to the entire platform which includes workshops for kids in Preschool-grade 7 as well as for parents and other caring adults.

Do I need to download an app/software? No.

How long will Body Science Online be available for? 10 days (starting from the day you purchase).

Why only 10 days? After much deliberation of many different formats we could use, we decided on that of a webinar (rather than a subscription). With webinars, participants participate in the workshop and then typically have 24-48 hours to revisit it. Knowing how busy families are, we decided to offer access for 10 days instead and divide the content into smaller chunks. Saleema created Body Science Online at her own (significant) cost in hopes of providing families and schools with sexual health education while in-person workshops are not possible. They are in no way intended to replace our work in schools, so we chose a format that reflects this.