Saleema was in Body Science class with Grade 1s one morning recently talking about how babies are made when an egg and sperm join:

Student: What if a woman has two men in her vagina?
Saleema: Well, only one man can deliver sperm at one time.
Student: But what if one man delivered sperm and then another man delivered it right after?

[Before Saleema had a chance to respond…]

Another student: Well, I guess the baby gets two dads!

Also recently, Saleema was with a group of Kindergarten/Grade 1s and their parents. She had just explained that usually babies are made through sexual intercourse, when a man and woman put the penis into the vagina to deliver the sperm to the egg.

Immediately a little hand shot up. Parents looked at each other nervously, wondering what on earth this young girl was going to ask about sex. Without flinching, the budding body scientist asked:
“When a woman has triplets, how big does the crib have to be?”

A perfect example of how there is no such thing as telling kids too much. They absorb what they are ready for, and focus on the information they find most interesting and relevant. And at that age, triplets are clearly much more interesting than sex!