The other day I was teaching a grade 6/7 class and in the anonymous questions I came across a particularly unique one. A person wrote that they had been finding used condoms around and that recently their 14 year old sister had bought a pregnancy test. What should I do the person asked. When I came across it I was quite surprised as this was the first question of that type I had ever received. Rather than reading it out to the class I asked that the person who had asked about their 14 year old sister come talk to me after class. Thankfully, the young girl did come talk to me. She confirmed that she definitely knew her sister was sexually active and had recently bought a pregnancy test. She looked understandably worried. We talked a bit about the situation. It was a tough position for me to be in because I wasn’t sure how to balance the sister’s right to privacy and the role the parents could hopefully play. In the end I encouraged the girl to tell her sister what she had observed, offer her support, try to get more information to see if there were any concerns about exploitation, and to most importantly to emphasize to her sister how much of a resource her parents could be if the 14 year old would be willing to talk with them. I’ve been thinking about their family periodically since hoping everything has gone well.