After I finish writing this, my first blog, I will head out to teach my first presentation of 2012. I know that for most students and teachers school started last week, but I had the luxury of easing back to work after Christmas slowly. And I find myself feeling much like I do at the start of every year…excited and ready. Don’t get me wrong, I love being on vacation. But for some reason, every September and every January, I am ready to get back into the swing of sexual health. Maybe it’s because I’m well rested. Maybe it’s because I’m a creature of habit and thrive on routine. Maybe it’s because I really do love my work. It’s probably a combination of all three, but bring it on, 2012!

Those of you who know me know that I am a list person, and I couldn’t help myself. Over the last few days I’ve been compiling a list of the top ten things I’m looking forward to as I start my work year:

  1. Introducing a new sexual health educator to my team.
  2. Hearing the sound of an elementary school playground at recess.
  3. Seeing the white faces of the grade four kids I teach totally grossed out and disgusted by the thought of being body scientists.
  4. Showing intermediate and high school students my new environmentally friendly Lunapads ( product samples.
  5. Coming out of evening presentations to daylight instead of darkness.
  6. Bringing myself up to speed on the latest slang words teens are using ( helps!).
  7. Hearing the relief in parents’ voices as they tell me that they had “the talk” with their kids using the suggestions I offered them and that it wasn’t as bad as they expected it to be… 10 tips for parents
  8. Having a teenager come to me after class and say “I’m glad I came to school today”.
  9. Gearing up for another great iGirl season… for details!
  10. Counting down the days until Spring Break.

What are you looking forward to at work in 2012?

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