Talking Sex With Your Teen

Some parents, not surprisingly, are afraid to address sex in a positive way with their teens for fear that if we make sex sound too good, every teen will be doing it ten times a week. Not true. Within the context of giving life-saving safety information, we need to emphasize at every opportunity that sex is a good thing. read more

Celebrating Gender Diversity: The ABCs of SOGI 123

A concern came to us from a teacher recently suggesting that we may be reinforcing the gender binary when we divide boys and girls into different groups for our iGirl and iGuy workshops. That is, are we imposing gender on students by having different programs for boys and girls? read more

Straight Answers to Sticky Questions

For males, an orgasm involves semen (the fluid that carries sperm) being ejaculated from the penis. After ejaculation, the body relaxes and the penis goes back to its usual size. For females, an orgasm involves contractions of the muscles around the vagina, and...

read more

Workshop Evaluations: The Good, the Bad and the Learning

Let's face it...filling out evaluations are a pain. Especially after a long conference or drawn out conversation with a customer service representative on the phone, it's the last thing I feel like doing. And when I buy something at the Gap and they tell me I have a chance to win $1000 if I "just call the number on my receipt and tell us how we did", fuggettaboutit! But I know first hand as a workshop facilitator and business owner how important evaluations are. That is, I rely on the feedback of our participants to make our workshops as awesome as they can be! read more