Ryan Avola

iGuy Program Manager

Ryan Avola

Ryan Avola, B.A., M.A.

Ryan grew up playing soccer and many other team sports. He thrived in this environment, but as a young adult he started to question how growing up on sports teams has a particular impact on how boys are taught to be boys.

He became interested in philosophy, social justice and critical theory and studied Social Justice and Peace Studies at University of Western Ontario. Ryan then went on to complete a Masters in Globalization and the Human Condition at McMaster University. It was here that he gained the knowledge of large systems of power and how exploitation, marginalization and inequality operate at both micro and macro levels.

Ryan began his career by volunteering with White Ribbon Campaign in Toronto and advocating for education for boys and men around gender-based violence and masculinity. He’s been a soccer coach and a camp counselor, has developed homeschool programs on social justice and creative learning, supervised a before and after school program, facilitated a leadership program for teenagers, and developed and facilitated his own workshops on gender and violence.

Passionate about sharing feelings and ideas with others, Ryan feels right at home with the Saleema Noon team and is more than excited and grateful to be a part of this discussion on the west coast.

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