Saleema Noon Team

Dr. Brandy Wiebe

Sexual Health Educator, iGirl Facilitator

Dr. Brandy Wiebe

Dr. Brandy Wiebe, B.A., M.A., Ph.D

A member of the Saleema Noon Sexual Health Educators team for six years, Brandy has been involved in the field of sexual health education for over ten years. After completing her BA in sociology and women’s studies at the University of Alberta, Brandy went on to volunteer at the University of British Columbia Sexual Assault Support Centre in public awareness and education upon starting her PhD at UBC. At the same time, Brandy became an OPT Certified Sexual Health Educator. Receiving her Ph.D. in sociology (specializing in sexuality) in 2009, Brandy has extensive experience teaching sexuality at the university level. She now focuses her attention on the elementary, middle and high school settings and loves teaching “Body Science” to children, teens and parents in a way that is fun, comfortable and meaningful. When not in the classroom, Brandy loves playing with her cat Cash and reading the Harry Potter series (over and over and over again). All this, AND she throws a mean fastball!

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