Saleema Noon Team

Ashley McIntosh

Empowerment Workshop Director

Ashley McIntosh

Ashley McIntosh, B.A., Certified Life Coach and Nutritionist

From 2005 to 2010 Ashley combined her Psychology degree with life coaching and nutrition certifications to help individuals heal from disordered eating through private sessions and group workshops. In 2010 she closed her practice to become a mother of two children and to update and facilitate the iGirl workshop with Saleema Noon and her team. After 6 fun years managing iGirl and also co-creating iGuy during that time, Ashley decided to bring the important messages of these programs to younger children through a new workshop, iKid.

iKid inspired Ashley to write her children’s book, The Girl and the Sun. The book is a big hit with iKid participants and serves as a wonderful tool for those wanting to teach emotional intelligence, self-regulation and kindness in the home and classroom.  Find free handouts and learn more about the core teachings of The Girl and the Sun and iKid at

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