iGuy Empowerment WorkshopsHere’s some feedback we got from parents recently after an iGuy Workshop at a Neighbourhood House in their community.

Thank you and Athan for a really great iGuy experience. From what we can glean from the guys, they had fun and learned a lot. The boys responded very positively to Athan’s approach and style, and seemed to take in the material. Parent

[My son] said it was fun and good. He talked about learning to throw away the monsters – the unhelpful voices we all get that pull us down and discourage us. He then used his iGuy to beat back the monsters at soccer! Parent

Yay for positive thinking – such an important lesson for our boys. Parent

[My son] said it was a lot of fun and way better than he expected. Parent

Thank you very much from all the parents, and a big thank you to Athan from the parents and more importantly, the kids. We will be recommending the program to others. Parent